Reviews of the Smile FS team



“I can highly recommend Smile FS and their customer service staff. They always respond quickly to my questions, and the answers they give are always clear and concise.”

J Francis, Brussels

“I started using Smile after several bad experiences with financial advisors. I now manage my investments myself and have found some great investments via Smile which I would not have known about otherwise.”

P Mackey, Dublin

“Being able to find and invest in private equity deals at relatively low entry levels has changed the way I invest (in a good way!).”

D Vaughan, London

“The Smile Fund Supermarket is basically the same as a fund platform I had via a financial advisor, but much cheaper.”

M Robbins, Bangkok

“I’m very satisfied with Smile FS and will continue to use your website to look at investment opportunities.”

V Singh, Dubai

“It’s nice to be able to get private banking products without being a millionaire first. I’ll be a millionaire much sooner now! Thank you.”

D Davidson, Alicante

“I found a property development near to my home, paying 12% per year, which I didn’t even know existed until I saw it on the Smile FS website.”

D Roberts, Birmingham

“You have a much broader choice of products than I knew about before and I am very happy to recommend you… I always find conversations with Smile staff to be very educational.”

J Moxley-Hughes, Guildford

“Smile source excellent investment opportunities and are very responsive to enquires. I have recommended friends and family to Smile and they are also very happy with the service they have received. Highly recommended.”

E Hernandez, Manila

“Smile FS know what they are talking about and having spoken to their staff on several occasions it is very comforting to know the high levels of research they conduct before making an investment available via their website.”

D Williams, London