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UK Big-Brand Construction Financing, 12%pa, 2 years

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Key Features

  • Return: Fixed at 12% pa

  • Investment Type: Property & Real Estate

  • Currency: GBP & USD

  • Minimum Investment: GBP 5,000 and/or USD 10,000

  • Term: 2 years, with half-yearly and end-of-term interest dispersement options available

Key Features

  • Management Team: Proven track record in a repetitive business model

  • Fees: Nil

  • Domicile: UK

  • Security: 100% secured on real estate assets with low LTV, contracts for sale upon completion already in place with big brand companies

Executive Summary

Construction financing for a long-established UK property developer which specialises in constructing out-of-town retail developments for McDonalds, Starbucks, Lidl, Aldi, Greggs and more. The company has an excellent and verifiable track record with years of experience of successfully acquiring, constructing, and handing over completed developments to the same big-brand companies in different locations across the UK.

All sites are acquired with planning permission for the developments prior to investor funds being deployed, and contracts for the sale and handover of the developments when they are completed are already in place with major international blue-chip corporations, so we assess this as low risk.

A strong pipeline of deals is in place to repeat the exact same process again and again, which is both fully audited and has the legal titles on the land and properties held by a UK regulated Trustee until completion and handover of the completed developments to the respective big-brand companies mentioned above.

The contracted returns for investors are fixed at 12% pa if accrued for 2 years, or 10% pa if opting for six-monthly interest payments, with a fixed duration of 24 months for both options. At these interest rates it is cheaper for the property developer than bank-sourced construction financing, whilst still being very attractive rates of return for individual investors.

The company would prefer larger-size investments, but with a number of projects ready to commence subject to financing being in place, the minimum investment amounts are now £5,000 in GBP, or $10,000 in USD.

We think this is an excellent option to include in a diversified investment portfolio, and it has been invested into personally by some of the SmileFS team.

We can arrange an introduction to a senior representative of the company by video call for potential investors upon request, and invite potentially interested investors to assess the company and the investment opportunity for themselves.

For more information, please contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the investments and products featured on this website sourced ?

We have an extensive track record of working with financial institutions, property developers, fund managers, and investment companies worldwide, as well as a strong network which informs us of upcoming opportunities. We are regularly approached by investment promoters and select the best ones to feature on the Smile FS website and newsletters.

Does Smile FS provide financial advice ?

No. We provide information about the products and investments featured, we will answer any questions you have about them, and we will help you to access or buy them, but we do not provide personalised financial advice. We give you the information you need to make an informed decision, and you make your own decision. In some cases, we can put you in direct contact with a senior person at the relevant company or financial institution.

How does Smile FS make money ?

We often receive payments from third party financial institutions and investment managers when we feature a product and/or when someone makes an investment or purchase following our involvement. The amounts we receive can vary greatly depending on the type of investment or product that it is, and in some circumstances we may receive non-cash remuneration which helps us deliver a great service, for example pre-allocation to certain investment opportunities. We do not receive payment for everything featured, and we do not feature everything we are offered payment for featuring. Ultimately, we make money by being paid some of the time, and recommended by our users every time.

What checking or due diligence is done on the investments featured by Smile FS ?

We go through a thorough due diligence process for each and every investment opportunity before featuring it, and only feature it if we are satisfied with the results of our research. We make sure that it is a genuine opportunity, has complied with all applicable laws and regulations, and is something which will benefit investors and also our reputation. We decline to feature more often than we feature, to keep the quality high and not waste your time with below-par investments.

What are the fees and/or charges ?

Each product or investment featured on the Smile FS website is different, and therefore some may have different costs than others. In many cases there are no fees or charges, but this is not always the case. If there are any applicable fees or charges these will be clearly stated. Smile FS itself does not charge any application fees, management fees, or consultancy fees.

Can you help me invest in something which isn’t featured on the Smile FS website ?

That depends on what you’re trying to invest in – if we can help, we will help. Our ability to help may be dependent on whether or not the relevant financial institution will provide information to us and/or the knowledge of our team about that particular investment – if we are not confident that we can provide you 100% accurate information, we will say so and decline. Either way, all you have to do is ask us.

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