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Memic Series D Funding Round

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Key Features

  • Return: Unknown until IPO

  • Investment Type: Private equity

  • Currency: USD

  • Minimum Investment: USD 10,000

  • Term: Undefined, typical for this sector is 3-5 years

Key Features

  • Co-investors: Shamir Holdings, Accelmed and Peregrine Venture Capital, with the current round led by Ceros

  • Fees: Nil

  • Domicile: BVI

  • Current Round: Series D, raising up to $75M

  • Current Valuation: $150M pre-money valuation

Executive Summary

Memic has developed a breakthrough robotic surgical technology, called “Hominis”, that imitates a surgeon’s arms, providing a full range of motion (360 degrees). The unique attributes of Hominis enable the least invasive, transvaginal approach, which has been clinically proven to be superior to robotic-assisted laparoscopy, manual laparoscopy, and laparotomy. Memic believes that it is currently the only player in the robotic surgical systems market that enables these procedures with a scarless approach. The company expects to receive FDA clearance in the very near future, which will allow it to commercialise its solution that addresses a market of over 1 million annual surgical procedures in the USA alone.

The current round is being led by Ceros, a boutique investment firm specialising in surgical robotics that has invested in Auris Health, Intuitive Surgical and MAKO Surgical, all of which either were acquired or are trading at valuations in the billions of dollars.

Key Financial Highlights:

The company projects 2020-21 revenues of ~$8M, scaling up to $25M and $63M in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

Investing Options:

For tax-free investment returns, invest via your Custodian Investment Account. Direct investing via one of our PE partners is also available. For more information, or to reserve your investment allocation, please contact us.

Company website:

How to Invest

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