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How To Make Tax Savings

Simple tax planning can save you a small fortune. Many governments worldwide have established specific tax-free savings and investment products to encourage people to save more, such as an ISA in the UK, a Superannuation in Australia, and an IRA or 401k in the USA.

For investors of any nationality except the USA, the UK overseas territory of Bermuda allows non-resident investors to accumulate investment gains free of tax, via a specialised Custodian Investment Account. This means that all investment returns are tax-free, which ultimately means that your wealth grows quicker, and in most cases it is not subject to inheritance tax.

In addition to the tax-free investment returns, it is also a quicker and easier way of accessing global investment opportunities (you can invest via a simple emailed instruction, and do not have to complete lengthy application forms each time you invest in something), and you get online access to your investment portfolio 24/7. All types of investments can be held within it, including investment funds, private banking products, private equity, and individual stocks and bonds.

If you do not already have a Custodian Investment Account, contact us via the form below and we’ll set one up for you. Because there’s no financial advisor to pay, there are no management fees or additional commissions or charges, and you can manage everything yourself with no drama. All of the investment opportunities featured on this website can be held, tax-free, in the investment account and everything can be done online and by email.

It’s the smart choice in most cases, and ultimately, it’s another reason to Smile!